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The nap after the meal.

One word: Tryptophan.

The food.

then the leftovers.

Then football.

Then a nap.

Then more food.


p.s. Oh yeah, and ... uh ... thankful for stuff or whatever.

I hate Thanksgiving, too! I've been carrying this around my whole life. At last, validation. There is little about that long, gray, argument-inducing, housecleaning, clog-streeted weekend I like, including the Friday where everybody gets on the road and goes to the malls for the big Shopping Day.

That said, I think Thanksgiving Tamales are very cool. Especially if you buy them at the grocery store and round out the meal with dressing, potatoes, yams, and salad. So three cheers for the Thanksgiving Tamales. Red chili beef or green corn, sir?

Preferably on Chinette dinner plates.

Me too. Where are the presents? Where are the decorations-other than turkeys? Why two holidays in a month? We need to invent a new meal for it at least. Who eats like this anymore?

Wow, what a bunch of curmudgeons.

I love Thanksgiving. My wife's family descends on us and we co-host with my brother-in-law a weekend for 25 to 30 people including assorted children, boyfriends, girlfriends and a half dozen dogs, large and small.

We do two massive turkeys and often an additional breast, a gazillion family tradition casseroles and drink hyper amounts of alcohol beginning with Bloody Marys before lunch and not stopping until we're near comatose with vodka and tryptophan at midnight.

I cook several hundred waffles, serve up mountains of cold cuts, vats of chili, tubs of cole slaw, potato salad, green beans and sure-fire, throw-your-hat-over-the-hedge, hickory smoked Carolina barbecue.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when the house is quiet again on Sunday, but from Wednesday through Saturday, it's my favorite time of the year. Much better than Christmas. No question.

Damn. I'm going to Terrenoire's house.

Me too.

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Turkey sandwiches made from leftovers, piled with stuffing and cranberry sauce between bread, often eaten over the sink.

Vodka and Waffles.....
I knew I liked you!!!

Oh, did I mention the firearms? We usually find time to hit Burlington's handgun range and throw massive quantities of lead downrange.

We drink AFTER.

Now what could be better than a family get-together with firearms?

Oh, wait, that didn't come out in quite the spirit I intended.

"Now what could be better than a family get-together with firearms?"

Oh, I hear about a lot of these. Usually the Monday after Thanksgiving when they're doing arraignments for the folks locked up over the long weekend.

David, will you adopt us?

If we get into trouble with the guns, Dusty can bail us out.

Sure, come on. There's always room for a few more.

This crew includes a soldier, a cop, a prosecutor and a few spooks so a few crime writers would fit right in.

Hey, they like me.

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