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I heard about LaSalle's passing through Victor's site. What a shame. And not even 109 yet...

Thankful for many many things, and, even though this will be sappy: Thankful for FO and the FOFOs who make this writing stuff fun.

La Salle, gone? Say it isn't so...

Along Karen's same lines, I'm grateful for a lot of stuff, but here I will say I'm grateful for Bouchercon Chicago, 2005, which brought all you wonderful people into my life and made writing books a lot less lonely.

Sappy comment #3 - Grateful for you guys and the support. Can't imagine how empty my life would've been without you all in it these last years...

ROFLMAO, Jeff. May he rest in peace, but that must be one of those stories which are much better in the execution than in the idea.

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!

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