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"His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body." Now there's an epitaph for you.

The thing I will never do because I do it so poorly. Ski. That's what an Arizona upbringing does to you.

Oh, Louise, I can so relate to the not skiing thing, and I live in New England. I went skiing once, in college, and managed to fall off the chair lift. That was it for me.

I thought about becoming a lawyer for about a nanosecond then realized I knew I could never do it.

Teaching. Another thing I know I'm not suited for. I was trying once to explain to a colleague why a sentence should contain the word "whom" instead of "who." I knew I was right (whom), but I couldn't say why.

I truly love this guy. He might even beat out The Real Men of Genius, which from me is no faint praise. Thank you for introducing me to him, Jeff. I will never forget him, ever. As far as your question goes, as a second grader I used to want to be an open heart surgeon (you know, like on M*A*S*H). But as I got older, I realized I suck at science, plus I am squeamish about cutting into flesh and can't even handle disecting frogs... So I got interested in acting, in the hopes of playing a surgeon on TV.

Releasing the bear. That was terrific.

As for the thing that I do not do well...uh, that's just about everything. I am, frankly, a most unskilled person.

It's why I write.

I wanted to be an astrophysicist, until I found out that math was involved.

I'd have been an academic, but I'm not good at meetings.

"But he has an axe!"

"And Bud Light." Rolls window down. "Hey, buddy."

Ah. Love beer commercials.

I think I actually chose the thing I was least good at to do for life ... writing.

I'll never be as cool as the bearded man.

If you visit his website, you can arm wrestle former heads of state...

His smells like cologne. Now that is a man's man...and have you ever seen a more manly laugh than the one when he is fishing? I think not.

I used to want to be like Mike...Now I want to be this guy !

Who is this guy?? I love the commercials-- but I don't get it... is he real?

Notice how the "World's Most Interesting Man," defeats Joe Stalin in an arm-wrestling match! YEAH CAPITALISM! I think he is supposed to be based on Earnest Hemmingway.

I Believe In:
Never getting the dressing on the side of my salad. I get it right on top, where it belongs. Where there is no turning back. Stay Thirsty my friends.

Yeah Billius, I liked their radio ads even more because they had all these facts about him (like the one you mentioned) rather than advice from him like in the TV ads. I posted the ones I heard here:

"He once knew a call was a wrong number, even though the person on the other end wouldn't admit it."

"He once punched a magician. That's right. You heard me."

And there's several more.

Great work.

I had my picture taken with him at a party last week [click on my name to see]

He's so interesting...Mike wants to be like him.

When asked if he would play "Trivial Pursuit-THE "GENIUS" Edition...He declined, saying it was too trivial.

Its hilarious that these commercials have been removed because of a "Term of Use" condition. It's a Commercial! - You'd think even lawyers would understand that... Incidently I found this site looking for more information on The Most Interesting Man in the World - he is just too cool. My favorite "He once failed at something just to see what it was like".

I was randomly browsing the internet looking for the name of the most interesting man in the world and stumble upon this page, he is my hero and I wish to marry a man like that. I might be a little more obsessed than you..
Stay thirsty my friend

Curiously ! this guy looks like a pimp !

I watched it several times. You can learn a lesson on the film.

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