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Sounds like a terrific day, Lori. When I need to recharge, I can go out onto my private beach, stare at the water and veg. Nobody get all impressed about the private beach. It isn't what you think. I got tired of wasting water trying to keep grass growing in the Florida Keys and I hate the white pea rock that's so prevalent down here. So I ripped up the grass and dirt and put down beach sand in my yard. The dog and I love it, but I have to regularly discourage neighborhood feral cats from treating it like a gigantic litter box.
Problems aside, it's a peaceful refuge after a busy, tiring day.

When I used to live in BC I used to do the same as you. The mountians and lakes are heavenly. If I really need to recharge, thats when I fill my back pack and take off for 3 or 6 months. Nepal and South Africa are the two places that stand out in my mind as the places that truly helped remind me of who I am, and what I want out of life.

Alberta is nice, But I really miss living in BC.

What a great Mother's Day tradition, Lori! (And so much healthier than the brunch my family treated me to!)As for me, the Catskill Mountains are a beautiful place to get out, hike and recharge. I, too am very lucky to have so much beauty in my own backyard. (Of course, a day in New York City gets me energized as well, but in a different way.)

Heh. We took a Mother's Day hike, too. We hit trails in the woods around our house (currently featuring a field of wild orchids), but we also will head for Rialto Beach or Olympic Nat'l Park trails to hike and enjoy the beauty.

Our gas is more expensive, the cheapest about $3.29, but that's California for you.

My husband would be SOOOO jealous. He loves Devil's Tower. We had a picture he took and enlarged in our den for years and years, you guys must have been standing in the same spot because it looks close to yours! The trees look different, though. Maybe different seasons . . . Anyway, sounds like a lovely day. I do the same thing when I'm out with the family. Only I tend to do more people watching than scenery, which is why I add setting in at the end because I almost always forget it.

I paid $2.79 yesterday.

Well, in California, it was just spending a day in the water that did the recharging. In Colorado, it was a day of golf in the mountains in the early fall. I don't know yet what it is in TX.

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