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Oh, this is a really good one. The politican angle works beautifully.

The paranoia is palpable. Great job.

Nice! Very tight, and the end is a great twist.


Great hook.

Even better ending . . . loved the snare and the shock of it.

Oh Karen, I see a new series in your future! Great short story. I want to meet these characters again someplace. Preferably not near some small fishing shack.

A nice air of running suspicion and a fine final line.

Love the twist at the ending. Very nice.

Oh, that's nice. I like the deviousness of it.

Fine build-up and a neat payoff.

If only the Senator had known that Barton had just come from a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. ;)

Great job! A twist worthy of O Henry.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. This was my first foray into short crime fiction and I'm happy that it succeeded.

I've been slowly making my way through the other stories since I got home from work and in between violin lessons, etc. They're all really good!

Jake, there could be a whole book about Barton and Cheney :)

Political intrigue always gets me. Nice topic and surprising twist at the end. Really like the character names you chose.

Excellent story, Karen. Love the twist!

I like it, Karen! Maybe you can do something with that as a book series too!

A full mystery in such a short space. Great work, Karen.

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