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Thanks, Jeff. And perhaps we should lay aside which Blue is the "correct one". Discussing matters of religion online is rarely productive.

And BTW, I just finished Jeff's first novel, "Killer Swell". Wonderful stuff. A very appealing protagonist and sidekick wrapped up in a swift moving and absorbing plot. It's everything you want in a PI novel, and more. It sure as hell doesn't read like a first effort.

For anyone who wants to spend a great evening, with or without alcohol, look up Dusty and his wife, Lynn, a woman who knows a good short story when she hears it. Thanks, Lynn.

And for an extended visit, pick up Devil's Right Hand (and Killer Swell for that matter). I wish I could write like these guys when I was their age. Hell, I wish I could write like these guys now.

Scott Miller is the man. A guy who knows what he likes and runs with it.

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