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Beers of the world at Epcot. You start at Mexico, drink your way around the lake and finish the evening singing as loud as you can at the Rose & Crown in "England".

This is great fun but ironically costs three times as much as what an actual trip to England would cost.

Then you throw up on the chick in the snow white costume.


My 40th was spent in a dive bar in Greenwich Village with the Thug Lit guys.

Pretty awesome.

Ride a tornado.

You can't go wrong with hookers and blow.

Well, you can go wrong, but that's half the fun.

Stick with the classics is what I say.

Hookers and blow! Ha.

David wins the award for cracking me up this morning.


David's been on a real roll this week, huh? Dave, man, I hope you're writing again.

I'll tell you what NOT to do. Don't get a tattoo.

Still, I think it'd be cool to mark it somehow. I didn't mark mine, and I wish I would've bought a piece of art or something tangible to look at.

One woman in my yoga class knew a former classmate who threw a 40th "yoga" birthday party, invited all her yoga friends and they watched and supported her as she performed the backbend "wheel" 40 times to mark the occasion. Wheel is extremely difficult to do 1-2 times in the course of a yoga practice, so I was damn impressed she'd done it 40 times over the course of 2 hours.

But I'm a geek...

I was tested for Lyme disease on my 40th birthday and ended up taking horse pills for three weeks. But you live in Texas and there are no deer ticks there, so you're lucky.

Not sure how you might mark it. Tattoos are common for women turning 40, but not so sure about men.

I don't even remember what I did for my 40th -- though I KNOW it wasn't 40 wheels. (Man, I get dizzy just thinking about that, Lori!) For my husband's 40th, I took him to Paris, making sure the big 4-0 fell right in the middle of the trip, where he'd be so full of wine he wouldn't notice it so much.

Jeff, I'd suggest anything involving heavy drinking (you know, if hookers and blow aren't readily available.) Happy birthday!!!

If hookers and blow are not available in Texas, you should contact your local state represenative and complain.

And thanks, Victor. Your comments always make me laugh so I'm happy to return the favor.

I can't remember doing anything specific on any of my birthdays. I guess it's because I'm usually sharing a BD celebration with Thanksgiving. I'd take the Epcot suggestion if I drank beer, but I'd definitely stay away from the yoga "wheel," especially after the beer!

Happy 40th, BTW!

I'm close to forty and will celebrate that birthday by doing what I usually do. Not a damn thing.

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