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Changes daily. Today, carnage. Oh, and licorice. Quite into licorice today.

I don't know why, but I don't feel particularly partial to any singe word right at the moment. A few of my favorites are punk (the way Eastwood says it), knucklehead, fucktard, sack as in sack up and chunky.

I use but and however a lot when I write. Maybe is a good word. So are boffo and neato. And I like lovely too.

douchebag is a current favorite.

I always have one word in a WIP I overuse and have to edit edit edit.

I will say, once I counted the use of the word "look" 17 times on one page of a hard cover novel. Where was the guy's editor?

"Just" is a big one for me, too, Lori. I got over the "and" and the "but" thing, but (see?) "just" will just take some doing.

My editor gave me a list of words I should ban from my manuscripts. For some reason, I got heavily into "so" and "now". So now I'm really conscious of using them.

warbled Bruce Springsteen

Karen, it is not possibly for anything to warble Bruce Springsteen. Rocked, blasted, maybe, but definitely not warbled. A phone could warble Nat King Cole, maybe, or Anita Baker, but definitely not The Boss.

(Finished Pretty in Ink yesterday. Two thumbs up!)


Okay, it's not word, but its what my daughter says when something has magnetic qualities.

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