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Chuck Norris wants to be the president of Texas. Yes, the president. Because he believes TX should secede from the union.

Also - Chuck Norris is a dumbass. (But Lone Wolf McQuade was a bitchin' movie.)

I start every day with That way, no matter how far south my day goes, it almost certainly won't be as bad as that.

Human stupidity is always good for a laugh and the bonus is, we never run out.

I've been thrown by the time change, the oncoming allergy season, the fluxuations in temperatire (although 10 below is like something from the far side of the effin' moon, Lori. We're complaining because the low will be in the 30s tomorrow) and a general malaise.

Maybe it's the depressing news, maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe it's work, which has been a bear, but I'm not feeling like doing cartwheels either.

It's so bad, I've padlocked the Planet for a few days. I don't know what's happening.

I hear you about the time change. That punishes me also. I get used to going to work in the light and then bam, it is dark again.

We had the same weather flip-flop. Nice and springlike, then suddenly FUCKING BLIZZARDS.

Oh well.

Since I bought a new Pontiac G6, I went to this site Pntiac set up. A blog called "Pontiac Underground". Oooooh. Underground. Sounds dangerous.

Actually, it's a bunch of Pontiac press releases, a clip from Jimmy Kimmel, and some defending Pontiac from bad reviews and rumors.

C'mon, Pontiac. You can do better. You've *done* better (GTO) and a lot lot hellua lot worse (That monstrosity my mom gave me when my first car blew up. The one that snowed asbestos from the ceiling and leaked everytime it rained).

I got an email reminder to "fall forward, and spring back" - as if it's not confusing enough, then someone tries to switch it up on me.

Mug shot sampler on TSG of the huge Phish concert bust is amusing. Looks like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods will need to staff up.

I hate, hate, hate the time change. The worst thing was, it happened when we were flying back from Vegas - on a 7 am flight.

Too bad he isn't just running for Governor, Jeff -- we could put him, Arnold, and former MN Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura in the ring and see who kicks ass

David, Mr. LGA reads The Onion first thing every day.

Kimber! Glad to see you over here commenting :)

N - fucking snow says it all.

Robin - see what I mean about blogs?

Kieran - you amaze me with what you find!

All I can say, A - is UGH.

Lori, I hear you about having to periodically go offline. It just sorta happens sometimes. And the time change. Oy, it's killin' me, because now my body's telling me that I'm supposed to be asleep, and the clock says I better get ready, 'cause here come the High School kids and I have to teach them even though I want a nap N-O-W.

And Mr. Terrenoire, is AWESOME. It's like watching the Darwin Awards as they happen. One of my favorites is still the one Janet Reid linked, with the giant Grim Reaper back tattoo that says "Your Mine!"

Even as a lit teacher, that shit cracks me up. But the best one is defintely the big billboard that reads "Be Polite", and under it someone has spray-painted "GO FUCK YOURSELF."


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