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I'm immune to the household gadget thing, but I do buy electronic gadgets I don't need, like the little flash recorder I bought that does the same thing the other two little recorders I have do.

My mother, on the other hand, has every kitchen gadget ever made. She has the bamboo teamer, the garlic chopper, the salsa machine, the bread maker, the never-need-sharpening knives, the thing that attaches to her vaccuum cleaner and sucks all the air out of a plastic bag, all of it, every damn gadget known to man.

But the thing that really won the trophy was the in-the-shell egg scrambler because, you know, whipping those eggs in a bowl is just so damn inconvenient.

I feel your pain, Lori.

I will buy nearly anything Billy Mays screams about in commercials. Most recent purchases - Mighty Putty and the Package Shark. Both are totally awesome.

The George Foreman grill actually works pretty well. Or so I hear.

I had a rock tumbler when I was a kid.

But what the hell are you doing with an ab-in-ator, Ms. Willowy?

We have an Am/FM radio that's supposed to up under the kitchen cabinets. We got it for a wedding present in 1989 and it's still in the box in the cupboard. Don't tell my uncle.

I personally have never bought anything off the television, but to my dismay discovered that my husband and daughter bought FLOAM, which is this gooey type of Silly Putty with white beads in it that's supposed to be fun to play with. The six containers, all different colors, are on top of the refrigerator collecting dust.

It may not be a gadget, but it does fall in the useless category.

Oh, my daughter is a huge FLOAM fan. Or was. We now have a giant ball of all six colors mixed together. Sitting on her play table. Collecting dust. Another incredibly lame thing we bought was the NordicTrak. Remember those?

I'm not big on gadgets, but to switch it around, I bought something I was pretty sure was going to not work, or be useless, and I use it many days out of the week - it's one of those apple peeler/corer things. I cook with apples so much more frequently since buying it. It's sad.

I bought a gadget at Sharper Image to lower my blood pressure. I had to breath in tune with these waves on the screen. It made me so nervous, my bp actually got worse.

You know, last summer I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets because I realized that I was never going to use that pizza oven, or have a fondue night, or whatever. That's not my reality. My reality is figuring out what I can nuke from the freezer in five minutes before the family passes out from hunger. So I let go of the kitchen gadgets and the guilt and it felt damn good.

Alison: I have a Nordic Trak sitting at the foot of the bed. We hang clothes on it.

It's not me, it's my husband! I had to threaten divorce or murder if he gave me one more house-cleaning or kitchen related gadget . . . Ok, he likes bread, gave me a bread maker one Christmas. I made bread a couple of times because I was a damn newlywed and wanted to please him (yeah, yeah, I got over THAT fast.) It hasn't been used in 14 years . . . ever since Brennan #1 was born.

Then it was pans one Christmas . . . a new vacuum another . . . mini-choppers, a food processor, a car-washing kit thing, but the straw that forced me to make the ultimatum . . . an electronic GROUT CLEANER. For my birthday. I kid you not, it's like a giant electric toothbrush.

I think I said something like if he wants clean grout, he can do it himself. There may have been a few bad words in there somewhere . . .

Have I mentioned I HATE cleaning?

He has learned, BTW. After 15+ years of marriage, this Christmas he bought me a new laptop AND Tiffany earrings. (I can thank Brennan #1 for that last present . . . she has her father's ear.)

A grout cleaner?

I'm clueless, but I ain't THAT clueless.

NordicTrak - umm, I think I had one of those. I was thisclose to buying that Tony whatever's "Gazelle" workout machine. I'd probably use it to hang clothes from too.

No floam allowed in the Armstrong house after what's referred to as "the playdough" incident.

Patti - I know I shouldn't laugh, but that was funny :)

David - does your mother buy those things for herself?

I'm thisclose to tossing the bread machine, Charli. No one in my family even likes bread, and I sure don't need to eat it.

Does ANYONE ever really use a fondue pot? Like Dusty, someone gave it to us as a wedding gift and we've never used it.

Shelby, does the package shark work? I've been eyeing it...

And has anyone seen those really cool paper cutters? with the different shaped blades so you can cut zigzags and squiggles? SO tempting, but then Mr. LGA points out the Bedazzler and the flower press and the soap making kit which are gathering dust in the spare bedroom.

Allison - Mr. LGA and I have a deal, he doesn't buy me household or cooking items as a gift and I don't buy him tools. It works. But you can bet I'm gonna point out that *you* got diamonds for Christmas :)

The Package Shark works! On anything!

When I was growing up, we had a fondue pot. I still remember it was pretty cool. I mean, open flame at the DINNER TABLE? Food cooked in MOLTEN CHEESE? AWESOME!

Then I remember what it was like my mom had to clean the damn thing. We never had fondue again, but I learned a lot of new and interesting words. And we never had fondue again.

When I was growing up, we had a fondue pot. I still remember it was pretty cool. I mean, open flame at the DINNER TABLE? Food cooked in MOLTEN CHEESE? AWESOME!

Then I remember what it was like when my mom had to clean the damn thing. We never had fondue again, but I learned a lot of new and interesting words. And we never had fondue again.

I learned very quickly not to even hint to my mother that I might be interested in something kitchen related. I have an espresso maker, fondue set, and breadmaker that are all still in their boxes. To be fair, I did use the espresso machine, but it was a pain, and I had nowhere to put it, so it stayed in the box.

I've also owned the Foreman Grill, a Royal Crock Grill, and when I get married my in-laws bought us more crystal candy bowls than one person could ever need.

We have the Foreman Grill, too - it does work pretty well.

Dusty - we had a fondue set, too. I LOVED that thing as a kid - all the forks were different colors and my sister and I would spend all day deciding which fork we'd use at dinner.


The unfortunate thing is, my mother did buy all those kitchen gadgets for herself and yet she is remarkably unskilled in food preparation.

Growing up our three major food groups were canned, frozen and take-out.

What the hell is a Package Shark?

I have a shrimp de-veiner and a cherry pitter but I actually use them frequently. The dud in the drawer was the pasta maker. I eventually sacrificed it to a garage sale.

OMG, Patti, thank you for your comment. I bought one of those BP reducer thingies, too, and felt like a total failure. Haven't used it since. I might sell it on eBay.

Everybody -- Fondue sets are back in these days.

I thought about getting a Foreman grill but figured that would officially brand me as a lazy-assed slug. My propane grill is three steps away from my door, for God's sake. I could run out in a hurricane, slap meat on the grill, and run back inside without getting soaked.

I'm thisclose to falling for that gizmo marketed by the short woman with the hairspray helmet hairdo. You know, the one where you dump scraps of food into the well, close it and, "Presto", it's some scrumptious looking mish mosh.

Watching that infommercial is like waterboarding for a shopaholic.

I will admit that I have a Magic Bullet, use it all the time, and love it. It's great for smoothies. I haven't successfully made alfredo sauce with it yet.

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